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F.I.G.H.T. by Dr. Garry F. Gordon

- For Optimum Health and Anti-Aging Program
- Food - Infections - Genetics - Heavy Metals - Hormones - Toxins
- Using F.I.G.H.T. as a protocol for health, you want to be sure you are doing something for your patients in EACH    category.
These are my thoughts on how to more effectively help EVERY patient better by using my F.I.G.H.T. for health program which is further outlined on I also want to help move us into anti-aging testing, such as offered at As testing will increase compliance, and the better the compliance the better the results you will have in treating anyone.

Briefly, F.I.G.H.T. is an acronym that stands for:

F=Food related aspect and leaky gut
I= Infections
G=Genetics and epigenetics and methylation issues needed for detoxing
H=Heavy Metals and Hormones

Using F.I.G.H.T. as a protocol for health, you want to be sure you are doing something for your patients in EACH category.


With Food is it hard to identify all sensitivity reactions so, at minimum, serious rotation is advised but building a healthy gut flora is vital or we become sensitive to other foods anyway. Since few want to be told to eliminate foods, we can encourage them to eat foods that are in the books by Peter D’Adamo ND, author of Eat Right For You Blood Type and Live Right For Your Blood Type. For example, if you are blood type A, you want to eat a largely vegetarian diet, and if you are blood type O you’ll do better with meat-based diet like Atkins; if you are B or AB you are more in the middle of these.

The food issue is never resolved adequately with any one test available, so some will rely on strict avoidance of known foods like corn, soy, wheat, and dairy. Others can learn to eliminate some foods by counting their pulse before and after eating single foods, as described by Dr. Arthur F. Coca, the Chief of Allergy at Columbia, in his book The Pulse Test (available through Amazon for about $15).

We could do some food sensitivity testing using methods like ALCAT or Elisa testing for food reactions, as usually there will be some food sensitivity blunting the healing response we need. But since leaky gut is unavoidable with the GMO soy and corn in everyone’s diet providing a pesticide effect in our intestines and altering our flora. I place anyone hoping to have high health on a daily probiotic for life but this will not work optimally without Inuflora, a food derived from the Jerusalem artichoke that is in “Beyond Fiber” which provides the ultimate PREBIOTIC. This is NOT FOS. This is a huge molecule that alone lowers Candida counts over just a few months time, ensuring healthy flora to flourish while harmful pathogens are choked out.

“Beyond Fiber” is part of my POWER DRINK, which I create by adding the following FOUR main ingredients to juices:

1) Beyond Fiber
2) MACA powder
3) Dr Gordon’s Green drink
4) BioE’nR-G’y C

Amounts required are around 1 tsp of each ingredient at least once a day; but some will do better with bid building up slowly. Start with an even ½ tsp of these once a day, as we MUST rebuild the flora for all this to work optimally.

The Power Drink is best sipped over 2 hours ideally bid so you need well tolerated, neutral PH forms of Vitamin C with Methylation Support like TMG AND MSM, as found in BioEn’R-G'y C (or Vitality C).

BIOE’NR-G’Y C is key to recovery of all patients; I like about 4 tsp a day giving 16 GM of Ascorbic acid.

But this must be taken with a quality acidophilus, ideally for life. I am using Kyodophilus or UAS Probioplex DDS caps.


Infections are hard to adequately handle unless you routinely offer a short series of 3-6 UVB and OZONE treatments over a couple of days or 2 weeks. The alternative is to use 50-80+ gm IV ascorbic acid drips ideally followed the same day with HBO treatments. This goes to H202.

Also there are reasons to look on my website under INFECTIONS and use natural things like ACS and Immune support and short courses of antibiotics like Azithromycin or even a week or so of oral Alinia. All of this is needed, as we try to lower the total pathogen load. I do that without spending a fortune trying to identify all the pathogens, as literature shows we all carry pathogens. Chlamydia is just the tip of the iceberg and we all will have to deal with some CMV and Mycoplasma etc.

We know there is infection and generally we do not need to spend $5k plus with Garth Nicolson’s lab in Huntington Beach or others to attach some name to his pathogen burden. We can safely assume that some stealth organisms are present and the program is not adequately handling them. I have heard of patients using 1 ounce of ACS a day (150 sprays in divided doses) for over a year slowly improving but still not being hit hard enough so we may need more aggressive oxidative therapies like 100 GM IV ascorbic acid or UVB/Ozone.

We just know we need something oxidative, even HBO with high dose IV Ascorbic Acid followed by HBO almost at the same time, which is another way to lower total body burden of pathogens.

Also, look at my website and use SEARCH feature and review my INFECTION protocol using things in addition to ACS 200. Look at things like high dose Garlic like Kyolic, which some can take and others will not touch. And help the immune system with short-term high dose Vit A, 5-8 days of ½ million units a day. Nutrisorb A is a liquid form providing 10,000 units per drop.

I find that most patients are not holding their pathogens under adequate control so I help support their immune function. My program uses Longevity Plus products that are truly comprehensive and a bargain since no immune support product provides the comprehensive coverage found in their IMMUNI-T products. The Immuni-T 2 is primarily for acute infections and the Immuni-T3 is designed more for chronic issues including cancer. I recommend taking both for 1-3 months starting with 2 tid of each for 2-3 weeks then 2 bid for a couple months or longer. This will help your patients deal with the infection aspect of F.I.G.H.T.


Many labs offer gene testing today and the price will come down and accuracy will increase. But I am confident there will be issues around things like MTHFR and METHYLATION so that helps explain why some patients cannot get optimal response without addressing the need for methylation support.

So I advise all 3 forms of Folic Acid and sublingual B12. Preferably both adult males and females will receive H.R.T Plus (Herbal Remedy from Thailand), which provides Estrogen receptor treatment with the amazing herb Pueraria Mirifica. This does many things like protecting against bone loss. Combined with my total program for osteoporosis including Beyond Bone Defense and Beyond Chelation-Improved, this is a vital step in allowing us to live long and still have soft arteries and hard bones, even when you are 90.

Ideally, we need to move into anti-aging medicine and select some patient to use, as a test case, for learning how to use international anti-aging systems (IAS) new program that Phil Mican helped develop with the help of Ward Dean.

So go to website and ask for a test sample to learn how to analyze your patients BIOLOGICAL AGE. That is a great way to show over the next 6-12 months that we are getting real benefits. The program will show your patient who complies with all of this getting younger, as the red dots it uses to highlight problem areas will start to become green over time. This is a great way to increase compliance, as the report highlights areas of concern that over the coming years we will see improve!

If we stick to my FIGHT concept we can to this without using genetic testing because, for example, the Agouti mice research shows we have Epigenetic changes due to environmental toxins. This research by Randy Jirtle at Duke helps explains today’s epidemic of Obesity and Diabetes due to things like BISPHENOL A. You can safely assume most people have been exposed to BISPHENOL A and that has caused some of these epigenetic changes like methylation defects.

So using the BioE’nR-G’y C with TMG AND MSM, at least 1 slightly heaping tsp 2-4 times a day i.e. taking 8-16 gm a day, preferably with all the other three ingredients found in my Power Drink for optimal results. Nothing beats the Beyond Fiber formula for lowering toxins particularly when taken along with ACZ Nano. It seems that the Zeolite formula is helping move some of the toxins that even BC-I and Heavy Detox and Hi dose vitamin C with Fiber and sweating are moving around but we need lots of assistance to usher all of these toxins out of the body!


FIGHT means lots of detoxing is MANDATORY and that means more than a year of intensive work, which can never be discontinued, as we continue to breathe in toxins and drink and eat them. This detox can be helped with homeopathics for drainage; consider, for example, HEEL has their DETOX kit and I often add 10 gtts of each of the three bottles to each glass of my Power Drink.

For heavy metals the goal is get them as low as possible. Lead is in the bones in everyone at 1000+ times greater quantities than was present 400 years ago. Bones take 15 years to remodel so I recommend some of my short or push Calcium EDTA IV s weekly to start ( ideally follow with IV MYERS). After 20 or so switch to perhaps monthly for another 20-30 or more. But ALWAYS with the full Oral Chelation Program (Beyond Chelation-Improved plus my Power Drink). And, of course, ideally patients can join a gym and sweat in their sauna and/or steam room or get their own FIR sauna. They now have the new portable versions that you sit in with head out costing less than $500 but sweating frequently is crucial, as this is the ideal way for Mercury and many other toxins to get out.

For Hormones, I use topical Testosterone – Progesterone Chrysin 150-5-200 per cc, the full 15 years.


So we still must deal with the T for toxins. To prove to patients that they need this you might use US BIOTEK lab and get their urine test for 5 toxins and have the interpretation of their $120-$140 urine stick test interpreted by Mark Schauss. They will test for Phthalates, styrene, benzene, toluene, etc. This is useful so that patients know they are not wasting their time and money on all this detoxing.

Ideally a few of your wealthy patients should spend the $4900 and send the 20 vials of blood to Mt Sinai School of Medicine to get all 240 toxins measured. See to learn more about that blood test for toxins, which even Bill Moyers test revealed that in spite of eating and living organically he too is loaded with endocrine disruptors, carcinogens and neurotoxins and he has lived all organic for years.

I hope what I have written here will prove useful in your practices. If we can broaden our approach to every patient by utilizing the F.I.G.H.T. concept and covering even more issues, you will be getting better results in all patients.

For More Information on Dr. Gordon's F.I.G.H.T. program, visit

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