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Bio En'R-Gy C

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Pkq Quantity: 200 Grams


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Product Description



This product is not intended to diagnose, cure or prevent disease.
Suggested Use: Adults, 1 to 4 teaspoons daily in juice or water. For imbalances, one tsp. every one to six hours. Children under 10 yrs of age, take as directed by physician. Unique synergistic formula permits consuming mega doses of Vitamin C with minimal gas or diarrhea.



Supplement Facts
Serving Size:  1 Slightly Rounded Teaspoon (6.6 grams)
     Servings Per Container: 30
Ingredient Amount Per Serving % Daily Value
Vitamin C
(L-Ascorbate C Crystals with FASM***)
4000 mg 6666%
GMS-Ribose *** 2000 mg *

* Daily Value not established.
** L-Ascorbate C crystals with FASM, a unique Firmly Attached Sodium Molecule, are buffered at a non-acidic, neutral pH. This eliminates or greatly reduces the usual intestinal distress that occurs with some persons taking large amounts of Vitamin C.
*** GMS-Ribose™ Glycine Methyl Sulfone Ribose is a patented proprietary blend of methylated glycine, as complexed with methyl sulfone (MSM), in a base of Beet Source Ribosomal RNA with Ribose Nucleotides including D-Ribose/Malate™ BioActiv™ Aloe in a patented form, and EDTA. Each 150 mg of Vitamin C activity provides 20 mg of attached sodium.
*****MicroHydro Zeolite-Micronized HydroColloidal Zeolite-Natural NA aluminosolicate.

Individuals on a sodium restricted diet may wish to consult with their health care professional. Each serving of Bio En'R-G'Y C - ZEOLITE with GMS Ribose™ and BioActiv™ Aloe provides MicroHydro Zeolite-Micronized HydroColloidal Zeolite for enhanced bio-availabity. Preliminary double blind human trials of Vitamin C taken with one or more of the ingredients of GMS Ribose™/BioActiv™ Aloe have shown to increase plasma levels of Vitamin C up to 200% compared to the subjects on Vitamin C alone.
Product color may vary due to humidity conditions with no loss of potency. Do not refrigerate. Store at room temparature. 

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